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Thank you JGI team for completing an amazing work of art for my dream home. During this pendemic is truly a hard task to do but they are really helpful to complete the work on time. Not just punctuality, they are also friendly and easy to work with which is not every ID can pull through. I truly recommend them for those who are searching for an ID company. Well done and thank you Joel & Joey.

Woi Loon, Penang

Joey and Joel are both very experienced in getting the best of the condominium we have. They listen to what the owner need and provide valuable suggestions as well as lead us for furnitures purchase. definitely a very well supported ID and hassle free to work with them.

Kudos to their hard work.

Wai Lun, Penang

Thank you.... Joel & Joey, both of u are friendly, helpful & professional. U all gave us advise and coordinated well with all of the contruction works. We love our hse design.....stylish...quality....excellent!!!

Bee Chin, Penang

Hi Joey and Joel, we would like to thank both of you guys for the great 6 months journey, starting from the design phase, up until the finishing touches of the renovation. There are hiccups along the way which should be expected for any full reno works, but you guys handled it well and professionally. We are very satisfied with the design, as well as the end product! Sincere thanks! Highly recommended!

Danny Lee, Penang

Joel and Joey both are friendly and helpful person, they gave advise to our house design and coordinated well with all of the renovation construction works.Both of us love our house design. Thanks so much.

Cherry Ooi, Penang

Joey & Joel! We would like to thank you and the entire team for the excellence work during my recent renovation. Well, as promised, you guys had delivered and we are pleased with the design. The whole process from design to execution went very smoothly, no rush of course. We are really blessed to have you guys who are responsible & dedicated with the whole process.

Well Done Bros!!

Chin Teh, Penang

A very professional and great personality come to my mind when i met Joel in my first meeting with him..He always provide very good ideal and very quick to understand what you want..Their concept is outstanding and really impressed..

PY Ang, Penang

Finally, my review for them..

From the first meeting, i knew that these guys are the real deal..

Taking time to listen to what we wanted, providing opinions AND being cost effective was exactly what we wanted from an ID. If they think its a waste of money they will tell you..sincere advice..that is what we customers want.

They spent roughly an hour plus on the first meeting, and mind you, i havent even decided to hire them at that time. The best thing is, i dont even feel obliged to hire them which was great.

Workmanship is great...and i do love the design of the house.

99% great experience and i just feel like coming home early everyday because the house is so cosy..

The 1% that i might comment is in terms of cleaning. I think customers would expect the house to be clean including the floors, especially those stains marks from construction. Make sure the house is clean then only advise for the furniture to be moved in. But overall im happy..and no regrets hiring them at all..

Thanks guys..

Dr Shazly Safian & Dr Nadia Kadir, Kedah

Dan and I would like to give big shout out to Joey & Joel, as what they did to our house was a work of art! We had envisioned the dream home we would love to live in. Conveying our preferences to the brothers were a breeze. We hurled tons of questions to them mostly during off hours,thankfully they're kind enough to reply whenever they are able between their busy schedule. The satisfaction of seeing that once empty house transform into our lovely cozy home, and being involved in cherry picking most of the fittings are something indescribable. Would definitely recommend the brothers to those who are looking for ID to create their dream home.

Dan & Cindy Liew, Penang

Joey & Joel, thank you so much for an outstanding job on our Muji themed apartment.

Both Carolyn and I knew that we were in good hands during our first meeting. All we had to to do was just give you the budget and the theme. Voila!! The final product is definitely above our expectations. When you engage with professionals, just leave them to do their job and trust their opinions!!

We will recommend you brothers to our friends. Keep up the good work of delivering dream homes!!

Kevin Yeoh & Carolyn, Penang

We are so pleased to have JGI Concept Design as our interior designers. Joel and Joey who not only delivered against what we wanted for our home, it was also the strong partnership with them that made the design experience enjoyable. We were most impressed with how they were able from an initial description of what we wanted our property to look like to come up with a design that was almost perfect. They were never imposing but helpful and would recommend ideas and suggestions that are often sensible. They were meticulous in every detail and would not compromise on quality. We will certainly recommend them for your dream home. May we wish Joey and Joel a very successful future.

Mr & Mrs Khoo, Singapore

I told the guys I want clean straight lines, big space and mirrors everywhere. They gave me clean straight lines (with a bit of sexy curves), big space and mirrors everywhere.

As a busy professional and my new home is 30 minutes away I am unable to visit the site often but JGICONCEPT did all the project management for me not just with their contractors but also with the ones I wanted (e.g. air cond). This is my main priority. We communicated via WhatsApp very frequently on the progress which is very nice.

The pandemic slowed down the progress but it's okay. We don't worry about things that we cannot control. The cabinets are excellent and they even gave me a few nice surprise, things I never thought of myself.

If you're thinking about getting an Interior Designer + all-in-one project manager for the transformation of your new home then stop thinking and start talking to Joey & Joel. Highly recommended and without a doubt they're top tier in their business.

Coach Ho Yah Wen, Penang

Thanks to Joey and Joel for the professional and passionate to help my dream home become reality, with an amazing art of works. During the pandemic period it make all the works progress become harder and slower, however it’s still making a great progress with your professional.

Joey and Joel are the interior designer who I’m looking for, their professionalism is remarkable, which I can’t find this DNA from other ID been sourced before.


I truly recommend them for those who are searching for an ID company. Well done and thank you Joey & Joel.

Law Hong Theng, Shanghai

JGIConcept have done a fantastic job helping us with the renovation of our new home following our recent return to Penang. This project started while I was still abroad and much of the initial consultation was done over the email and WhatsApp.

Would I recommend JGIConcept to our friends and family? The answer is YES. With their passionate interior designers Joey and Joel at the helm, they aim to find the right mix of good interior design, architecture, and lifestyle in their design.

Let’s first start with Joey – He managed to cut through my dithering and came up with some amazing ideas. We adopted a dark contemporary concept, evoking a sleek and cosy atmosphere. Overall, very good eye for finishing touches and a vast knowledge of interiors.

Joel, on the other hand, he organised and supervised all the renovation work by managing his own team of very efficient and trustworthy contractors from civil works, aluminium works, electrical work and whatever else is required to transform your home. He helped with recommending us lighting fixtures, blinds, curtains and upholstery for our entire home and the end results are fantastic.

Although there were times we may get into some arguments throughout the execution (mostly due to misaligned expectation), their professionalism and friendliness are wonderful and by the time we came to the end of the project, I felt I could call them friends.

If you need a little extra oomph, look no further than JGIConcept.

HC Chuah, Singapore

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