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Resting in the heart of lush greenery and breathtaking tranquility, this 1,515sqft Green Building Index (GBI) certified residence welcomes a healthy living ambience. Balance is the key design principle to create a harmonious match between form, colour, texture, light and space. Effort of creating additional storage and camouflaged door panels to ensure the dining area is sleek and uncluttered. The dining area is enlarged and exaggerated through the enormous mirror while reflecting light into the space. The matte timber finish on the cabinets and the shining mirrors provides an equal balance of textures. Taupe is the neutral accent colour chosen in the design to reflect a balance between modern and comfort. This encourages the sense of relaxation and promotes warmth and contentment. The living space is blessed with copious amount of natural light from the wall to wall sliding door. Made to measure TV console unit that incorporates a piano display and abundant of storages add an artistic and practical solution to the living space. Sleek and clean design approach is present in every space, blurring the boundary between the interior and exterior, pulling the inside out and the outside in.

Project Location : Setia Pinnacle
Project Type : Condominium
Property Size : 1,515 sqft

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