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When it comes to designing a family home with teenage sons, a series of refined and understated living and cosy private spaces are created with a sophisticated palette of finishes, generous proportions and abundant natural light. By having curated an elegant and timeless interior ambience, warm timber tones with black as contrasting accent, three-dimensional textures, beautiful natural stones, hints of brass, here, juxtaposing every material in a way that feels cohesive, lively and graceful. The same theme has been applied throughout the spaces, layering the contemporary design elements to form solid and cohesive sensation except for the teenage son’s room where lighter colour palette fills the space to evoke the sense of calm and tranquility, befitting a balanced family living experience.


Project Location : Butterworth, Penang

Project Type : Condominium

Property Size : 1,765 sqft

Year of Completion : 2023



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