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Coco Chanel quoted “La simplicité est la clé de toute véritable élégance”, translated as “Simplicity is the key to true elegance” thus these words formed the design approach for this project –Simpliste (saⁿ-plēst) in French. In order to attain simplicity, the interior space is designed to incorporate storages to optimise our client’s storage needs while maintaining the clutter-less look. The bold matte black architrave intersects the living and dining area to define their respective spaces. The dining wall was cladded with subtle natural timber strips as a feature panel to add in some sophistication and balance the design. The kitchen boundary is demarcated by glass partition and accessible through a doorway to prevent cooking smells from entering the living space.

Project Location : Taman Bayu Aman
Project Type : 3 Storey Intermediate Terrace
Property Size : 2,310sqft

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