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This family-themed condominium located in Bayan Lepas is designed in modern classical style where its aesthetic epitomizes many of the finest qualities of contemporary interior design. The design of its interior gained inspiration from The Ritz-Carlton luxury range of hotels, the element of design is a combination between the defining 20th century art movement Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Right from the entrance, the presence of a curvilinear wall panel welcomes the occupants, beautiful Spanish marble floors spread across the open concept dry kitchen where living and dining area are complemented by spray painted wainscoting wall panels. Interior colour palette has been kept singular and are highlighted through selected designer furniture and gold pendant lights. The celebration of the interior details are balanced, the practicality aspects of the space is focused where concealed and reveal doors were present. Composition of space, line, form, colour, light, texture and pattern has been curated to bring comfort, joy and pleasure creating magic about having a beautiful home - feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.


Project Location : Bayan Lepas, Penang

Project Type : Condominium

Property Size : 1,886 sqft


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