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Well done Joey & Joel!! This is exactly a place we called HOME! You developed our brief into something well beyond our dreams.

We feel extremely lucky for choosing JGI and someone we call friends.

Joey is a super talented & professional designer who possesses prowess in understanding spaces, behaviours and delivering designs that are practical, comfortable and yet classy with character! Deeply in love with our house design especially the dry kitchen, never miss making and enjoying a cuppa of coffee in there every morning!

Joel on the other hand is incredibly detail oriented and he was hyper responsive to our evolving needs. During the first meet up, he went through series of questionnaires with us to understand our preferences and budget.

We knew we were in the right hands when both Joey and Joel responded to our day to day questions/concerns timely, listened to what we desired and spent time to explain every single details to us. Joel himself was frequently on site to validate the work done by contractors despite all the limitation during COVID-19 pandemic.

Great workmanship and not to mention at a reasonable price!

We’ll definitely refer friends to JGI in the future. Thanks again for making our house look so good and pleasing both aesthetically and functionally!

June & Hii, Penang

My experiences with Joel and Joey was very nice one. Both of them are very professional and patience in giving advice on all the renovation matters. From furniture selection to kitchen wares and till the completion and finishing part, they were able to provide very good advices and opinions. Even on weekends, they also do attend to questions and reply which shows that they are very dedicated to the renovation works that was trusted to them.

To add on, they also do try their best to resolve whatever issues that arise during renovation works with lowest costs as possible as I can say. Initially, their deisgn concept was very brave, bold and unique, but the end actual result turns out to be very nice and the actual feeling also is very nice and unique. Their opinions and advices also to be very practical and at the same time will make the whole theme or environment of the house to be very nice and coherent.

Rest assured, renovation works with both Joel and Joey, will be well monitored and completed within the agreed time frame with minimal problems. Definitely will recommend JGIConcept to others who are looking to renovate their home and they deserve rating of above 5 stars (at least) among the Interior designers out there. Whether you are new house owners or looking to upgrade your house, JGI Concept is definitely the place to go for. Both Joel and Joey are very down to earth, friendly, humble, professional and extremely helpful to say it.


Kudos and well done!

Too Chai Liang, Penang

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